Imagemakers is a Canberra based video production company and photography studio that creates quality video and photography content for a diverse range of clients including government, private and not-for-profit sectors in Canberra and Australia wide.

Having great content is critical to the success of your brand, media strategy, project or campaign, whether online via a website, social media or by using conventional media such as print or television.

With over thirty years experience in the industry, and partnering with clients in producing relevant and effective content that delivers successful results is paramount.

Types of media work is wide and varied, with projects commissioned in metropolitan centres such as Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin and Hobart, plus work in remote regional and rural locations across Australia, and overseas work in New Zealand and Singapore.

The traditional weapon of choice for content has been photography, and it continues to play a key role, however video is universally recognised as having a powerful and unique way of getting our attention, making it the ‘new black’ for conveying compelling visual messages and stories that engage and influence audiences world-wide.

Imagemakers is dedicated to producing creative and effective online content, adding value to your brand, depth to your message and enhancing your corporate and business goals.

Call Leigh Atkinson on 0418 623 331 to discuss your next video or photography project or request a quote here.

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